I approached PatentWidgets to work with us on our first AdWords campaign as I was referred by a friend to this company.
The PatentWidgets team, has helped our company to conceptualize and design a top-notch Landing Page (LP) that is targeted to sell our homemade high-quality pastries. Once the LP was online we could see immediately results from this direct response-marketing initiate.
Our team was quite unfamiliar with LPs and Google AdWords initially and the PatentWidgets team has been very professional in their approach to help us with valuable experience and knowledge. After some test phases starting the first AdWords campaign, we had various improvements to the LP, and to the keywords optimization so that we could increase the overall success and ROI.
The PatentWidgets team has been very professional and passionate about their work at all times. Through their encouragement we are now confident to administer the Google AdWords account on our own. PatentWidgets has delivered its services to us above expectations by providing their professional input even after the project was finished.
Since we have started selling our homemade pastries online we now know that the marketing cost is hovering around 20%, which is a valuable result for determining our sales prices. This has created a substantial additional revenue stream for Kaiserhaus.
One thing I especially liked to work with PatentWidgets is the very fast response time and implementation of amendments when required from our side.
I found the experience to work with PatentWidgets very hassle free and we could see immediately results from the first LP created, hence, we have built a second LP for one of our other products namely, a LP for Events.
I would recommend PatentWidgets to businesses that want to grow their business with the help of experienced digital marketing experts.

Hans Lueftenegger

Executive Chef & General Manager
Kaiserhaus Singapore