A 3-Step Manual Telling You Exactly
How to Reach Your Goals

THE ACTION GAP is a 3-step manual, telling you exactly what to do to finally turn your ambitions into actions. If you’re looking for fancy words that make you feel better for a while, then you shouldn’t read it. This manual will provide you with the tools to first, have a clearly defined goal in mind. Second, make a choice to act on it, and third, persevere. And all of that in less than 40 pages. Wake up. Start now.

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    Personal Trainer & Professional Athlete
    “Being an athlete, I know the importance of pulling through. It can be really hard sometimes if you don’t know how.
    The 3 steps in the manual are key for achieving realistic goals and beyond. 1 step at a time.“

    Michelle Lim

    Founder & CEO, Firebelly Pte Ltd
    “Yes, there are many books that talk about how to set goals and why action is important but this approach of summarizing in a manual is really neat. I love it for the fact that all the good tips are put together neatly in 3 steps.”

    Johan Lindelöw

    Country Controller Greater China, H&M
    “Simon, this is amazing. So far, the best approach to get lasting change done. Exercise 11 is a miracle worker for me. Love the manual layout”

    Kevin Chiak

    Ex Mr. Singapore & CEO, International K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy
    “A great habit breaker manual to help achieve your true goals. Everyone can use a little help to build the right habits and this certainly does the job!”

    Sophia Yong

    Managing Director, VENA PTE LTD
    “Went thru the book... I am in awe of your talents. The manual is concise, it's easy to read approach with relevant examples and practical worksheet to aid makes this a perfect tool for our busy routine. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fresh perspective to achieving their goals in life or business, big or small.”

    Ranford Neo

    Author & Blogger
    "What a great resource. I've read so many self-development books that I lost count. They cost hundreds of dollars and are mostly theoretical. The action gap actually makes you do the stuff. This is the push most of us need. Thank you!"


    Simon Lieberum is an entrepreneur, traveller, avid sailor and vegan. He started his career in strategy consulting before pursuing his entrepreneurial goals in Asia. Simon married a psychologist who helped sort his head out, and he went on to combine entrepreneurship and psychology in his work. Simon now lives in Singapore with his wife and two cats.



    "The great achievers of our time come from all walks of life and whether they were rich, poor, young or old, these factors did not make a difference. It boils down to very basic ingredients, a specific mindset that creates the difference."

    © Simon Lieberum